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The Medical Centre
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About Us

The Medical Centre is located in Kensington Johannesburg and is a centre dedicated to the holistic approach to patient health. The following services are offered at the centre; a General Practitioner (Dr David Illos), Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Dentist, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Biokineticist, Dietician, Ampath Laboratories Depot and Advantage Hearing Aids.

General Practitioner - Dr. David Illos who focuses on general family health, paediatrics and geriatrics. Also performing minor surgical procedures and offering a Drip Lounge for intravenous therapies.

Practice Manager - Evita, always ready to book your appointment and assist you kindly with your needs.

Physiotherapist - Natasha Laferla, who can treat the following conditions; neck and back pain, headaches, postoperative conditions, sports injuries, musculoskeletal abnormalities and respiratory conditions. The respiratory conditions will include chest physiotherapy for children with pneumonia.

Advantage Hearing - Mr Colin Samson.

Psychologist - Mrs. Tanja Kalapac, who deals with adult mental disorders. With a focus on depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress.

Dentist - Dr. Jenny Cheng. She is also experienced in dealing with children.

Podiatrist - Dr. Dennis Rehbock, has extensive experience in podiatry.

Chiropractor - Dr. Fatima Ismail, a hands on treatment aimed at restoring movement in the joints by means of manipulation, thereby optimising muscle and nerve function. She treats joint pain, headaches, sports injuries, neck/back pain as well as arthritis conditions and whiplash.

Biokineticist - Yolandi van Vuuren.

Ampath Laboratories Depot - Varsha. Ampath's range of services comprehensively covers all fields of clinical laboratory investigations.